Sunday, September 28, 2014

Matching Manicures- Chevron

Hi guys today I'm joining my nail art friends from the Matching Manicure group again, for this super fun chevron nail art.

I already did the chevron nails once, where I keep it as simple as possible. I've used only 2 colors and I did the same design on all of my nails!
If you want to read the post about that design you can simply click HERE!

But today I wanted to do something different!

As you can see, I did chevron pattern on my thumb and middle finger. First I've painted my nails white (O.P.I Alpine Snow), then I've waited for it to dry. After it was completely dry, I've sticked nail vinyls on my nail and painted over with black polish (Kiko), and removed them imediatelly before the black polish dried!
The vinyls that I've used are from Born Pretty Store and they're great! They come in 2 sizes, I've picked the bigger one and I must admit I should go with the smaller ones :/
It's not that's something wrong with this ones, they work perfectly, but I think the smaller ones would make a prettier patter on the nails. So keep that in mind if you decide to purchase these kinds of vinyls (go for the smaller ones)
The vinyls retails for $1.58, great price, and here's the LINK if you want to check them out =) for 10% off use a code HE10K31

I've painted my ring finger with my favorite silver polish - O.P.I My signature is DC (REVIEW)
and index and pinky finger with For Audrey by China glaze (REVIEW).

To make it a bit more interesting, I've added some beautiful ring studs on my index and pinky finger =)
The  studs are also from BPS and they are absolutely gorgeous, they look like diamonds with holographic shine, I highly recommend them to anyone :D They come in a round wheel and 4 different sizes. I've used the smaller ones for this design!
They retails for $4.47 and you can get them HERE! for 10% off use a code HE10K31

 And that's it. Hope you've liked my chevron design #2 , you can also check out what other girls did :

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til the next time xoxo

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Welcome autumn easy nail art

Hello my friends, hope you're doing great. I don't know about you but I'm already all into warm, fall colors. I've left my brights behind like there were no summer at all lol
But then again I've used 2 colors from O.P.I summer collection to do this design - ironic lol
And by the way I'm not a huge fall/winter lover!

I did this design few days ago and I decided that it would be my welcoming fall one lol
 I kinda wanted to recreate the amazing yellow/orange autumn trees just like the one in the picture above!

First I've painted my nails white (as a base), I've used Alpine snow by O.P.I. 
Then I've dabbed , using a make-up sponge,orange Where did Suzi's Man-Go by O.P.I and yellow I Just Can Cope-Acabana by O.P.I. 
I started painting the trees using a black nail striper (I did 3 nails with it), but mine dried out so it was impossible to do it that was so I continued using black acrylic paint and a nail striping brush! I must say it was much more easier, but then again that's probably because the polish was dried out!
And then I just added some top coat - Essie Good to go and that was it.. 

I think this design is really cute and easy to do, I've received a lot of compliments for it =))
Hope you'll try it :D

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sweet pleasures nail art

Hi guys how are you today? I'm quite busy writing my graduation thesis, but apparently not so much since I'm able to write a post lol

I know lot of people have some kind of addiction, such as nail polish, coffee, sweets, cigarettes etc... The thing I can't imagine my life without (besides my loved ones and polish of course) is CHOCOLATE....mmmmmm that sweet pleasure, who can leave without it??!! ;)

 And so I was eating my chocolate one day, when it occurred to me... I should do a chocolate inspired nail art :D
Let me show you what I came up with =))

I added frames around my nails so it turned out looking like some kind of Gothic window lol 

I did both mat and high shine version, just to see how they look! Which one you prefer?

 So what do you think? What are your sweet pleasures? Do you have one?

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 Till the next time xoxo 


I believe galaxy nails are one of the most popular nail art designs out there.. I don't think there's a nail enthusiastic that didn't tried galaxy nails at least once.
They can be done using all kinds of colors, from black and dark ones to lighter pastels even white ones!!

Today I'm gonna show you my versions of  this famous design and how I did them.
In case if you know who's the founder and creator of this design, please let me know in the comments =)

Let me tell you how I did it step by step:

1 I painted my nail with a silver base, I've used Silver Dakota by Parrot Polish (REVIEW). You can also use black!
2 With a make up sponge, I dabbed , first- shimmery duochrome blue called Blue Macaw by Parrot Polish (REVIEW). You can use simple creamy blue polish but I found out that it has prettier effect if you add shimmery one!
Then I dabbed shimmery pink polish called Candy Coral also from Parrot Polish, you can also use purple polish , that works great too =)
I wanted to add a bit of a darkness to my design so I dabbed  just a little bit  of black I've used KIKO n°819
3 As a final step I added topper with a fine holographic glitters called Space Queen by  Essence
This is my second time doing galaxy nails and it's my go to  design, because it's so easy and fast. And it doesn't have to be perfect! 

First time when I did it I used black base , then I dabbed shimmery blue, purple (instead of pink), silver and added just a few bigger silver glitters before Space Queen topper, and that's the only bigger difference between my 2 designs .

my first galaxy

 These were my 2 galaxy design, pretty much the only main difference are the base polishes I've used and the silver glitters !! I hope you like them and find this post helpful!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Parrot Polish vol.2

Hello my friends, I finally got rid of that annoying cold so I'm back with second part of my Parrot Polish swatches =))

In the first post I have show you more of a cold toned, blue/silver/green polishes in this one I'll show you 3 warm toned, perfect fall colors from their standard range!
If you've missed the first part, heres the LINK!

I'm gonna start with the lightest and finish up with the darkest from the 3!

So first I've got GOLD SILK - beautiful yellow polish with strong gold shimmer! It's so silky, extremely easy to apply, 2 coats for full opacity!
I think I didn't mention this before but I love the brushes that these polishes have. The size is great and it makes application supper easy.

BRONZE FIRE - is a bronze holographic topper that I found works best over dark polishes (black especially). I did try it on white first but I wasn't completely satisfied how it came out.
I'll show you both versions  bellow so you can tell me witch one you like better!
I've used 2 coats over base color. Formula is good, easy to apply!

OVER WHITE in the shadow 

over black, in the sun

 COOPER TWIST is gorgeous holographic brown color opaque in just 1 COAT!! It has amazing holo shine in the sun and intense lightning, formula is good, a bit tick but application is still quite easy! This one is my favorite from the 3 ..Love it

 Overall, I love all 6 polishes I've showed you. The colors are gorgeous and the formulas are great. I highly recommend them to you.
Parrot polish has FREE SHIPPING for all orders now, that's great deal .. I even manage to pass my obsession to my friend that already bought 5 lol !!
All the polishes can be found and bought HERE!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Parrot Polish vol.1 (swatches and reviews)

Hello guys, hope you're doing good. I catch a cold :/ so I'm not feeling so good but not so bad, I can still write a post =)

Two days ago I received some polishes from my favorite Indie polish brand Parrot Polish. I already swatched some of the polishes from their neon collection and I talked about the brand there so I wont repeat myself now.. you can find that post HERE

The polishes I'll be showing you today are from their regular line and they offer FREE USA shipping!! They're all 5-free and high quality! 

Ps I didn't use any top coat on the photos bellow ( just so you know)

EMERALD SAND - is the most gorgeous sea green holographic polish with a hint of gold and silver! This one is a one coater!! oh yes you only need one coat to reach full opacity! Formula is great and application's easy. Absolutely gorgeous when the sun hits it *.*


BLUE MACAW - is a gorgeous blue shimmery polish with a golden twist in the sun , in the shadow it has sort of a duochrome effect. I'm so in love with this color <3 . The formula was a bit sheer on a first coat but the second one evened things out. Although you can get out with just 2 coats I did 3 just to see a difference  (it's not big).

SILVER DAKOTA -  is a dark silver color with a hint of blue. It has gorgeous holographic shimmer that pops out in the sun! The formula was a bit tricky on first coat but the second one evened things out! I used 2 coats for the photos bellow 

Overall, I love this polishes, all tree colors are absolutely stunning and their formulas are great!
They retails for 11$ and you can get them HERE
You can also find Parrot Polish on Facebook if you want to know more about them!! 

I hope you liked todays post ,
till the next time xoxo 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

my ultimate CONCEALER review

Hi guys, finally one make-up post =) I've been planing to do this one for months but the nails keep come in the way lol

Today I'm gonna share with you all the concealers I've ever used and my opinion on them!
The reason I decided to do this post is the fact that the concealer is the only make-up product that I use all the time! I don't even use a mascara as much lol

I'll sort them chronologically from my first one ever to the brand new one!

My fist concealer  was Cover stick by Essence! I don't even have the packaging anymore but I did find one picture on google just so you know what I'm talking about!
I believe I used shade 01 matt sand and I remember I loved it! It covered my teen imperfections very well and it lasted for ages (5 ML) :) . I think essence reformulated this product so I didn't have time to repurchased it

  After this one I purchased another one from Essence, since I had a good experience with them. But this time I bought Stay Natural liquid concealer in shade 03 SOFT NUDE.
It has an application brush and you supposed to twist the end of the packaging to dispense the product, very convenient! The coverage was good but I wasn't very happy with it. It contains only 1.5 ml of product and by the end of the tube it started to get watery and weird :/
It lasted for few months only and the worst thing is that you can see when the product is getting low so you just ran out of it :/ Obviously I didn't repurchased this one!

When I still got this Stay natural concealer I bought something different but with a same purpose from the brand called Catrice! It's a CAMOUFLAGE CREAM in shade 010 Ivory!
It has great coverage, it's quite tick but also creamy so it's quite easy to apply! This one is intended to cover imperfections not so much the dark under eye circles because it can dry them out. But if you hydrate them well you don't have to worry. The problem I have with this one is the shade I've picked :/ it seems to be a bit to light when I'm just try to cover a pimple. So I used it only when I apply my foundation, and also as a eyeshadow base - it's great for that too =)

The one that I bought most recently is my favorite of all =) Bourjois HEALTHY MIX concealer in shade 52 medium radiance!
This one is the most expensive of all and I was a bit scared when I was buying it because I didn't know if I would like it, since my last 2 where mistakes  :/
But I love it =))) I has a great coverage so easy to apply and it's good for both under eye area as for the imperfections!
Since I liked this one a lot I decided to make a whole review just about him in the future =) (what a privilege lol)

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Diamond Nail Glitter and Picker wax pen from Born Pretty Store

Hello my friends, after some connection problems and spending almost an hour on the telephone trying to resolve it , I finally did =) Exciting morning for me lol
Now that my internet is all set up I can write a review on Diamond nail glitter and Wax pen that I got from BPS few days ago!

I got the Diamond Nail Glitter Glequins Dust Powder Sheet Nail Art Decoration (the official name) in 2 colors - silver and gold.

Both of the colors have a holographic glow witch makes them so pretty and easily combined with all sorts of colors! The silver ones looks like a disco ball to me lol

They come in a little round plastic box but the amount of the glitters is so big that I think it will last me for ages!



Obviously, they have to be placed onto the nail one by one, in this case the Wax pen come in really handy. I also got mine from BPS, you actually get 2 of them in a pack!
When you apply this glitters you have to make sure your polish is still wet so they can stick to it or you can use a nail glue if you have one! If the polish is not wet enough, the ends of the glitters will not stick properly and  you'll get sharp and protruding ends, and then the glitters will fall of easily! Of course, after you place the glitters you'll have to apply some top coat to keep them in place! 

These Wax pens are so good for picking glitters or studs, and makes the placing part so easy and precise! As you can see I've only sharpen one of them and this is the size I can go without the tip falling off :/ A little downside of my pen.. I don't know if the other one will act like this too but we'll see. 
The tip is still big enough to pick and hold even the biggest studs I have... The only thing that I'm a bit worried is that if it continues to fall of , the pen wont last a long time :/

Here are the direct links to the Diamond Glitters and Wax Pen if you want to check them out yourself.

Let me show you what I did with them...

 As a base I've used O.P.I's IN THE CABLE CAR-POOL LINE that I reviewed in my last post (find it HERE) and for the picture bellow the base is I KNEAD SOUR-DOUGH from the same post! 

dont forget to use a 10% off code HE10K31 
The Born Pretty Store have a promotion that ends tomorrow so make sure you're not late:
Nail Art New Arrival, Make Order Win Voucher!
Each order reach the amount can get a voucher for your next order.
order $10-$20 can get $3 voucher, $20-$40 can get $7, order over $40 can get $15 voucher! 

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Monday, September 15, 2014


Hi guys, how was your weekend? Mine was good, noting special lol

Today I'm gonna show you other 2 polishes from O.P.I's San Francisco collection that I've mention it the last post .

These 2 are true fall colors, and I swatched them for you =)

 IN THE CABLE CAR-POOL LANE is a dark berry sort of a burgundy cream polish. Fully opaque in 2 coats, great creamy formula makes application so easy. The finish is so shiny that you wont need a top coat (unless you want to prolong the wearing).
This one got his name by the world famous San Francisco's cable cars =)
If you don't already own something similar, then I would highly recommend this one because it's perfect fall/winter color that I think would look good on any skin tone!

 I've used 2 coats for the photos bellow!
when the light hits it, turns into this gorgeous berry color

this is how it look in most lightnings 
picture source: google

  I KNEAD SOUR-DOUGH is a warm brown polish with a cooper, reddish shimmer! The application is so smooth, fully opaque in 2 coats! Got his name by the sourdough bread that San Francisco is famous by =)
When I first swatched it , it reminded me of a milk chocolate mmmm (chocolate addict here lol)
In my opinion, another gorgeous fall color!

Inspiration for the name :) ps picture source : google 

And these are my San Francisco fall shades that I love so much and will be wearing a lot this fall!
Hope you've enjoyed todays post and you've liked the swatches =)

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till the next time xoxo