Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Neons by Parrot Polish

Hello my friends I'm so happy to present you my favorite neon polishes.

Not so long ago I came across to a quite new Indie Polish brand - Parrot  Polish and fell in love with their neons. 
I've been in search for true neons all spring and summer  and only one that I could find in a range of cca 100 km from my house was the O.P.I neons that wasn't really neons :/ Finding them online was difficult to. It seems that it's hard to do true neon polish...
But not for the brand I'll introduce you to now =) 

Parrot Polish was founded earlier this year by a family of polish enthusiastic the Abshire's. It's a 5 FREE brand carefully developed,  packed and handmade by the owners.. although they're quite young in this polish world they did an amazing job with their range of polishes and quality.  I invite you all to come and check out their site so you can see for yourself all the amazing colors and unique polishes... LINK!

I have 3 polishes from their summer 2014 neon collection to show you today ...

First one is called Hot Lips and it's a hot,  vibrant, neon pink!
I couldn't capture all his glory on camera :/ it's more neon in person. This one is the most opaque from the 3, I've used only one coat over white. 

Second one is an absolute mind blower that has easily become my all time favorite polish.
It's called Mr Yuk and it's an amazing neon green.
I've used 2 coats over white base to get this amazing effect. 
The color is truly gorgeous and I've never seen anything like that before.. so vibrant


Last but not the least is Blaze ,neon orange. It was really hard to capture this one to.. it's more vibrant in person. I've used 2 coats over white in the photos bellow..


All the polishes got jellylike formula and the application is really easy and smooth. They do have to be layered over white base for the neon effect!
Overall I really like all of these but my absolute favorite is Mr Yuk ..its just so stunning!

Polishes retail for 11$ and they offer free USA shipping at this point , so take advantage of that if you can !

You can also find Parrot Polish on Facebook and Instagram =)

happy polishing, till the next time xoxo 


  1. Amazing review honey, the pictures are beautiful and I'm in awe of your cleanup! I would have never said this was over white! Amazing job!

    1. Thank you dear :*
      The polishes have this jelly formula that's really easy to apply where you want...that helped a lot

  2. a koji lak si stavila kao bijelu bazu da je ovako ujednačen lijepo?
    ovi neonci su genijalni!

    1. Stavila sam samo jedan sloj Alpine Snow od O.P.I nije bio lijepo ujednačen ali su to neonci popravili :) stvarno su super! :D

    2. Thank you for the Great review!!! Your work never stops amazing us! TY :)

    3. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try this amazing polishes <3 I'm happy you liked it

  3. Mislim da sam 10 min buljila u ovu zelenu :O boze sto je divna! :)

    1. Hehehe znam taj osjećaj :D Ps Parrot Polish ima još ovaj vikend neku akciju 3+1 gratis i free shipping što je odlično

  4. neonci me ubijaju imam ih milion ali i ove bih rado dodala u svoju kolekciju
    prva dva su super.a videla sam ikasnije postove ,svi su prelepi,

    1. Odlični su stvarno ja ih toplo preporučam. .. imaju ti još uvijek free shipping sto je super je inače on dođe više nego sami lakovi!