Wednesday, September 17, 2014

my ultimate CONCEALER review

Hi guys, finally one make-up post =) I've been planing to do this one for months but the nails keep come in the way lol

Today I'm gonna share with you all the concealers I've ever used and my opinion on them!
The reason I decided to do this post is the fact that the concealer is the only make-up product that I use all the time! I don't even use a mascara as much lol

I'll sort them chronologically from my first one ever to the brand new one!

My fist concealer  was Cover stick by Essence! I don't even have the packaging anymore but I did find one picture on google just so you know what I'm talking about!
I believe I used shade 01 matt sand and I remember I loved it! It covered my teen imperfections very well and it lasted for ages (5 ML) :) . I think essence reformulated this product so I didn't have time to repurchased it

  After this one I purchased another one from Essence, since I had a good experience with them. But this time I bought Stay Natural liquid concealer in shade 03 SOFT NUDE.
It has an application brush and you supposed to twist the end of the packaging to dispense the product, very convenient! The coverage was good but I wasn't very happy with it. It contains only 1.5 ml of product and by the end of the tube it started to get watery and weird :/
It lasted for few months only and the worst thing is that you can see when the product is getting low so you just ran out of it :/ Obviously I didn't repurchased this one!

When I still got this Stay natural concealer I bought something different but with a same purpose from the brand called Catrice! It's a CAMOUFLAGE CREAM in shade 010 Ivory!
It has great coverage, it's quite tick but also creamy so it's quite easy to apply! This one is intended to cover imperfections not so much the dark under eye circles because it can dry them out. But if you hydrate them well you don't have to worry. The problem I have with this one is the shade I've picked :/ it seems to be a bit to light when I'm just try to cover a pimple. So I used it only when I apply my foundation, and also as a eyeshadow base - it's great for that too =)

The one that I bought most recently is my favorite of all =) Bourjois HEALTHY MIX concealer in shade 52 medium radiance!
This one is the most expensive of all and I was a bit scared when I was buying it because I didn't know if I would like it, since my last 2 where mistakes  :/
But I love it =))) I has a great coverage so easy to apply and it's good for both under eye area as for the imperfections!
Since I liked this one a lot I decided to make a whole review just about him in the future =) (what a privilege lol)

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till the next time xoxo  


  1. you should write more beauty posts :)

    1. Really??!! Thank you so much for the support :) I think I might just do that :D :*