Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nail art using beautiful blue roses water decals

Hi guys, hope your having a great day so far =) Mine was pretty calm and relaxing. I didn't do much today I'm just chillin' and being lazy .. but that's what summer is for right? :D

Today I'm gonna show you some beautiful water decals that I got from Born Pretty Store ,tell you all about them and show you the design I've made using them.

First let me show you how they look..

As you can see they look beautiful, but they don't came cut out to fit your nails (like nail wraps). You have to cut them yourself on sizes that fits your planed design. For me this isn't a bad thing because this way you can do whole nail, just tips or place single rose wherever you like.

For my first design I decided to cover entire nail with the design and this is how it looks..

How did I do this:
I painted 3 of my nails in a shimmery indigo blue color, I've used Nicole by O.P.I called Listen to Your Momager  from their Kardashian collection. This is a dark blue jelly base filled with light blue micro glitters (very pretty). I used 2 coats plus top coat.
Then I painted 1 coat of white polish (Alpine Snow by O.P.I) on my accent nails.
I waited for the colors to dry and then I cut out the images to approximately fit my nails.
Then I removed the transparent foil that was covering the decals and dip them into the water (one at the time) for about 30 seconds.  You'll know if the decals are ready by gently moving your thumb across the design, if the design is separating from the white paper base then they're ready to be used. At this point I just separated the decal from the base and placed them onto my nail, they don't stick right away so you have time to place them where you want.
I've dried the nail (decal) with some paper towel and then removed the access of the decal with  polish remover. The final step is, as always, the top coat. And that's it =)
oh yeah I almost forgot I've made a dots on the blue base with a gold shimmery polish, just to add a little touch =)

 They're really easy to use and to remove latter on. Also great quality and price ($2,86).

In case you want to try them you can find them HERE!
Don't forget to use code HE10K31 for 10% off any order + free shipping worldwide =)

till the next time xoxo

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Easy neon step by step tutorial

Hi guys, as promised in my last post I'm gonna show you how I did my neon stud design.

This is really easy to do and fast, the only thing you'll be needing are bright and colorful polishes and neon studs. I have used ones from born pretty store. You can read a review on them here.

1  paint your nails white, I've used O.P.I's Alpine Snow
2  paint the tip of your nail with colors you like (use a brush that comes with a polish, you don't need any special one) , I've used pink polish from ciate, Where did Suzi's man-go? by O.P.I (orange), Wernerite by Polish Alcoholic (neon yellow), You're so outta lime by O.P.I (green) and Hide & Go Chic by Essie (blue)
3  place the studs, make a few dots with a toothpick. Add a top coat and that's it!!

It's so simple... if you don't already own any colorful studs you can get them here!

In case you try this design, please share the photos on my facebook page or Instagram  so I can see them

till the next time xoxo

Neon studs, review and nail art

Hello my friends, how are you today? I've been stuck at home because it's been raining here like it's fall not summer :/ the weather's gone crazyyy

If you saw my previous post, the one about my first mani swap with lovely Andreea from Ditta's nail design & art, then you've probably noticed the neon studs that I've used to create that mani.
In case you missed that post here's the LINK.

 I've got these neon nail studs from Born Pretty Store, they came in a cute little round wheel. The wheel is packed with 300 round and star shaped studs in blue, green, pink, yellow, orange and purple that are placed separately. They are really easy to use and you can do a lot of different designs with them. I did 2 so far =) but I have a lot more coming =)

 When you take them off, the aceton will erase the color from them and will leave you with a silver studs which I think is great because that way you get completely new studs that can be use for more metallic or glam looking designs =) I think that's a big plus!

 Let me now show you my second design (ps this one is 100% mine)

inside with a flash
my left hand is a bit different =)

 I will do a step by step tutorial for this second design, so if you would like to see that visit back tomorrow =) Ps if you would like to be updated as soon as new post gets published make sure to follow me on Bloglovin' , with Google+ or via email =)

Overall I really like this neon nail studs they look gorgeous plus they're great quality and so easy to use. You can get them from BPS web store , here's the LINK , for just $5,99 (free shipping worldwide)

don't forget to use a cupone code for 10% off

 Hope you've enjoyed todays post =)

till the next time xoxo

Monday, July 28, 2014

Top 5 nail polishes for summer 2014

Hi guys, how are you doing? Today I decided to do a post that's bit more different then what I normally do. It wont be nail art, tutorial or review but simply my favourite and most used polishes this summer.

I'm gonna begin with the polish that I would never say it would be one of  my most used. 
It's Hide & Go Chic by Essie, this is a darker blue polish that's actually part of their spring collection (named after this polish). The reason I would never guessed this is going to be one of my most used polishes is the COLOR of it. For some reason I used to think blue polishes looks weird on my nails.. well I guess I've changed my mind :)
It looks great on many nail arts that I did so this one definitely deserves to be in a top 5!
Formula is great, fully opaque in 2 coats, doesn't stain! 

O.P.I You're So Outta Lime! It's part of their neon 2014 collection and it's a gorgeous green polish. This is the only one that I've bought from that collection and I'm very happy I did. Formula is good, 2 coats to be opaque,  it does dry to a semi matt finish like all the other neons, so you'll need a top coat :)

O.P.I I just can't cope-acabana gorgeous yellow nail polish from their Brazil collection. I love this one, the formula is amazing,  so creamy and wonderful. 2 coats to be fully opaque. It's a bit lighter in person then showed on the photo bellow.

Another one from the Brazil collection,  Where did Suzi's man-go? (This collection was amazing by the way) gorgeous mango, very subtle and pretty orange color. Great formula , opaque in 2 coats.

And last but not the least gotta be a pink one, I love pink polishes and it's really hard for me to pick just one so I'm gonna cheat a little bit on this one and give you 3 of my favourite shades :)
First one is the lightest and it's my all time favourite Fiji by Essie. This polish can easily enter to my top 5 for all year around because it's just so wearable and gorgeous. Formula is great, fully opaque in 2 coats. 

Second pink is L'OrĂ©al color rich called Acid Wartermelon. I actually purchased this one recently, and loved it ever since. The color is beautiful mid tone almost neon pink , great formula opaque with only one coat :D 

And last but not the least from the pinks is actually part of a set. It's ciate corrupted neon manicure set in pink color. This gorgeous set comes with hot pink polish, pink neon microglitter and mini glow in the dark  top coat... absolutely fantastic for summer nights out. Would be great for the parties with neon lights so your mani can glow like a Christmas tree lol

This is my top 5 or better 7 nail polishes for the summer 2014. Is some of these beauties your favourite too? Let me know in the comments.
And also let me know if you would like to see more of these favorites posts :)

You can find the swatches and nail art that I did with these on my Facebook and Instagram. And don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' so you  don't miss out on new posts =) 

Till the next time xoxo

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mani swap

Hello my friends :) how are you doing?
For the first time ever I did a mani swap with one of my favorite nail bloggers and artists - Ditta's nail design & art.
If you don't already know,  the mani swap is all about choosing a design from a fellow nail blogger and recreating it :)

This is the design from Ditta that I choose for our first swap. Here is her blog post about it in case you want to see that.

Ditta's original design

And this is my version

I don't have exactly the same color so I tried to find the ones that are most similar to the originals.


 The main reason I've choose this particular design is the fact that I received the same neon studs from Born Pretty Store that Ditta reviewed before so it was kinda destiny to do this one ;D ps I'll post the review on those latter on , so stay tuned!  

Ditta also chose one of my designs and recreate it. She choose the fun summer nail art that's actually recreation of missjenfabulous nail art for beginners. I did a step by step tutorial of it..

my design
 together ...
First one is Ditta's recreation =)

So what do you think of this mani swap idea? I really liked it, I think it's super fun and exciting. . .
 I would do it again any time =)

Don't forget to check Ditta's blog , facebook and instagram =)

till the next time xoxo

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just another easy nail art tutorial!

Hi guys, hope you're doing great! Yesterday I've received some nail mail from Born Pretty Store   so I decided to do a very simple nail art with one of the items that I've got.
They are a nail vinyls or Tip guides (that's what it says on the packaging lol). There are 40 wavy, white vinyls inside.

this is how they look like

 The vinyls are really good, great quality and maybe the most  important thing for me that they are re-usable. Yep you can easily do 3-4 nails with one =). They're strong , won't break easy, also the glue is quite strong so it won't let any of the polish go under it.

Really easy to use and to make great manis.
Let me show you what I did =)

Inside with a flash

Outside - without the flash
 Now the tutorial =)

1 paint your nail a base color and wait until it's dry. I used O.P.I - You're such a Budapest!
2 place the vinyls where you want them
3 paint over with another color. I used O.P.I's Liquid sand - It's frosty outside
4 as soon as you're finished  painting the second  color, before it's dry, remove the vinyls
5 finish up with a top coat ... and that's it =)
Easy isn't it?

I hope you enjoyed todays post =)

You can find this vinyls here . They retail for just $1,26 =)
The Born Pretty Store ships free worldwide =).
you can also use a discount code :

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till the next time xoxo

Monday, July 21, 2014

How to - ombre nail art!

Hi guys hope you're doing well. It's been raining here in Croatia so since I can't go to the beach I might as well wrote a blog post and show you guys how to do an ombre nail art.

Ombre is been quite popular for a while and not only in the nail art world. Unfortunately I don't know who started it, if you do please let me know in the comments. 
It's one of the easiest and quickest way to have a gorgeous nails :)
The only things you'll need are nail polishes and a make-up sponge.

First I painted my nails white. This step is optional but I think it's better to do it just because if you have a shearer polishes they'll stand out more when layered over white and you will need just one sponged coat. I've used 2 coats of O.P.I Alpine Snow.

Then take the polishes you want to use and put them on the make-up sponge like so...

Then take a make up sponge and dab the colors onto the nails. It's simple like that.
The polishes I've used are (from top to bottom) O.P.I - Vant to bite my neck? , O.P.I - A grape fit!, Essie - hide & go chic and Gothic Gala Lacquers - Crush.

 The only thing that will require some more time is the cleaning up. 

this is how it looks after I dabbed with the sponge

If you want to avoid the mess you can just take a scotch tape and place it on the cuticles like so....

Finish the design with your favorite top coat (at the moment I use Seche Vite) and that's it :)

I hope this tutorial helped you and if you decide to try it please show me the pictures :*
Till the next time xoxo

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Step by step tutorial

Hi guys hope you're doing great!
Today I'm gonna show you one easy step by step tutorial of one soft and delicate design that I've made.

First you paint your nails a base color. I used "A Brush Of Lilac" by Tip Top Nails South Africa, you can read the whole review on that polish here.

1 Use a white striper to make a wavy line , and then fill the tips of your nails with a cream white polish 

2  Use a dotting tool or a toothpick to make white dots along the curvy line.

3  This time use a smaller dotting tool to make the dots inside the white ones previously made using the base color ( in my case "A Brush Of Lilac" )

4  Make another line, bellow the dots, with a silver stripper 

5 Add some dots bellow the silver line with a base color , add a top coat and that's it

 I think its very easy and simple to do , you only need 3 polishes and a dotting tool (you can also use a toothpick if you don't have the dotting tool).

Hope you like it and you'll try it... if you do please tag me or send me your pictures so I can see =)

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till the next time xoxo  

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Mermaid collection!!

Hi guys hope you're doing great... As you probably know it's summer here in Croatia but man the weather seems not to agree with's been raining for days now :/ I hope it would stop soon so I can take my manis to the beach lol

I'm super excited for todays post because for the first time I'm doing a review on the whole polish collection =))
I'm gonna show you the prettiest and girliest collection I've ever seen. Its a Mermaid collection by Paint Shop Polish =)

If you're following my blog for a while then you'll know I've already reviewed some of the polishes from this Indie 5-free polish brand. They were all glitter polishes from the Vampire diaries collection and in case you've missed the review , you can find it here =)

Now let's get down to the swatches and reviews =)
The Mermaid collection consist of 6 beautiful shimmery, holographic polishes. They are all Camphor, Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP and Formaldehyde resin free. One of the great things about this collection is that the formula is a bit on the sheerer side so they can be layer over other cream polishes and make them really pop. I've tried to do that and the results are amazing. I'll show them bellow so keep reading

First one is called Under The Sea - and its a blue holographic polish with a teal undertone. They are all on the jelly side so I used 3 coat for the full opacity . But in case you would want a jelly finish 1-2 coats would be fine. The formula is great, application also.. very smooth and easy. No issues at all.

3 coats on its own

Siren Song is a holographic light purple polish with a blue shimmer and a silver undertone (really hard to describe this unique color). Depending on the lightning it shift from purple to blue - very interesting polish. The formula is bit sheerer then fort the previous one but builds up nicely. Application is flawless!

3 coats on it's own 

one coat layered over You're Such a Budapest by OPI

Coral Reef is a gorgeous pink holographic, pearlescent , shimmery polish. I love this one it has the most amazing shimmer. The formula is great, application flawless. Take a look at the photos

3 coats on its own
one coat layered over light pink polish


 Fishtail  is a sea green holographic polish with an amazing pearlescent effect when layered down over some other cream polish. Opaque in 3 coats. Formula is grat as for the others.

3 coats on its own    

1 coat over mint green polish. The picture doesn't show how amazing this looks (it was cloudy :/ ) 

Seaweed's gardens  is a light green holographic polish with a lot of golden/yellow undertone and shimmer. Great formula and application . Amazing shine =)

3 coats on it's own


 And last but not the least is Mermaid's Gold =) This is a golden holographic polish with gorgeous pearlescent effect. Opaque in 3 coats, and no application issues!

3 coats on its own

To be honest I was in love with this collection at the moment I saw it =) so I couldn't just stop on the swatches. I really wanted to know how the polishes looks like layered over plain old white polish.... let me just show you the pictures .... ps I have applied only one coat of the mermaid's polishes..

And that my friends was the entire Mermaid collection. My favorites are Under the Sea, Coral Reef and the Fishtail =)

You can find all the polishes on PSP's etsy shop , they retail for 6$ - 5ml and 10.50$ - 10ml, shipping is worldwide =)))

I hope you've enjoyed reading this review as much as I enjoyed writing it.  

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Till the next time xoxo