Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Diamond Nail Glitter and Picker wax pen from Born Pretty Store

Hello my friends, after some connection problems and spending almost an hour on the telephone trying to resolve it , I finally did =) Exciting morning for me lol
Now that my internet is all set up I can write a review on Diamond nail glitter and Wax pen that I got from BPS few days ago!

I got the Diamond Nail Glitter Glequins Dust Powder Sheet Nail Art Decoration (the official name) in 2 colors - silver and gold.

Both of the colors have a holographic glow witch makes them so pretty and easily combined with all sorts of colors! The silver ones looks like a disco ball to me lol

They come in a little round plastic box but the amount of the glitters is so big that I think it will last me for ages!



Obviously, they have to be placed onto the nail one by one, in this case the Wax pen come in really handy. I also got mine from BPS, you actually get 2 of them in a pack!
When you apply this glitters you have to make sure your polish is still wet so they can stick to it or you can use a nail glue if you have one! If the polish is not wet enough, the ends of the glitters will not stick properly and  you'll get sharp and protruding ends, and then the glitters will fall of easily! Of course, after you place the glitters you'll have to apply some top coat to keep them in place! 

These Wax pens are so good for picking glitters or studs, and makes the placing part so easy and precise! As you can see I've only sharpen one of them and this is the size I can go without the tip falling off :/ A little downside of my pen.. I don't know if the other one will act like this too but we'll see. 
The tip is still big enough to pick and hold even the biggest studs I have... The only thing that I'm a bit worried is that if it continues to fall of , the pen wont last a long time :/

Here are the direct links to the Diamond Glitters and Wax Pen if you want to check them out yourself.

Let me show you what I did with them...

 As a base I've used O.P.I's IN THE CABLE CAR-POOL LINE that I reviewed in my last post (find it HERE) and for the picture bellow the base is I KNEAD SOUR-DOUGH from the same post! 

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till the next time xoxo  

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