Friday, January 31, 2014

Shimmer polish

Hi guys, haven't post for a while but now I have a pretty good reason to do a post.

recently I won a giveaway, I couldn't believe, I never win anything ... I won three gorgeous shimmer polishes that just came the other day... I was so excited =)

 so these are the Amazing tree ;)

First of all the packaging is so cute and they all got their names after friends and family of the girl who make them. oh yeah I forgot to say these are all 'home made' polishes that you can find here: .. And also if you don't like any of the colors and glitters she can make a custom one , isn't that great?!

so to begin the first color (and only so far) that I swatch on my nails was Jasmine . My absolute favorite out of there tree.

Jasmine is an aquamarine blue and green polish with some silver, red and gold sparkles. it's fully opaque with 2-3 coats.

Courtney is a pink base with a rainbow sparkle. it look great on his own and could also be layered over some other color.

and last but not the least is Nicole: silver micro glitter with blue and red bigger ones

 I'll be posting more photos of nail art using these (and other) polishes on my facebook page also so fell free to check it out :

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