Friday, September 12, 2014


Hello my dear friends, greetings from the rainy and cold Croatia :/
Although it's not yet fall, I feel like it is because of the weather here! So I'm starting to reach out for my fall polish shades.
The one that I bought like a month ago, and I waited the fall to swatch, is the one I'll be sharing with you today. It was actually on sale - 70% off so I just had to take it.

Obviously I'm talking about MUIR MUIR ON THE WALL by O.P.I, although this shade is from their old San Francisco collection (2013.) I don't see why shouldn't I show it to you now.
A lot of the times I cant really afford to buy (or I can't find) the O.P.I polishes when they just come out, especially not the whole collections , but this kind of sales really makes them affordable for me and I assume for some of you too.

This polish is so beautiful. It has like a duocrome effect and it goes from dark brown with a bronze and burgundy shimmer to a more like a vampy, darkened plum with an intense plum shimmer, and it has a bit of green to it lol. It's really hard to describe the color, and it does switch depending on the lightning.
Formula is good. First coat is uneven and quite sheer but the second coat evens everything out =)
I tried to capture all the shades on the camera so there's quite a few photos ;)

 I also did a little collage just so you can see some of the transitions of the polish  =)

Overall, I really like this color, it's so special. It's my favorite from the San Francisco collection =) I have 2 more polishes from that collection that I'll be showing you in the near future so stay tuned =)

I also did a little accent nail using the water decals from alterNailtive

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till the next time xoxo 

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