Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Best Stamping Plates Ever

Hey guys, I'm supper excited to finally share with you the Ultimate stamping plates.
In this post I'll be reviewing MoYou -LONDON-  stamping plates and I'll share with you the designs I've done with them so far.

First off all, in case you didn't  heard about MoYou till now,  it's a beauty accessories company situated in London that is distributing products all around the world.
They are one of the most famous brands in the nail art community because of their most unique, gorgeous and high quality stamping plates.

I have two of these gorgeous plates, a stamper and a scraper to show you today. One plate is from -THE PRO-  collection and the other one is from -FRENCHY- collection.

I was introduce to nail stamping few months back , I bought a basic nail stamping kit from Essence, and at first I felt like I'm really bad at it... the image wouldn't transfer completely, or would result blur , etc,etc...  Then I tried another plate (from another brand) and I saw that the images turned up a little better but still not how they supposed to be. I was a little disappointed at that time and I was thinking I would never manage to do a perfect stamping. 
But then things changed... I received a nail mail from MoYou London... I have to say that I was a little scared at first because I taught that, maybe, I won't be able to do a perfect design with this top plates but naaah... The plates are so unique and extremely easy to work with and with them EVERYBODY CAN BE A NAIL ARTIST =)  

 When I first saw a stamper I was so happy and excited to try it, because the one that I owned is really small and cheap and it's not really god. But my excitement disappeared when I tried to stamp with it. I just couldn't transfer the image onto it :/ .. I don't know how to make it work.. if you have some advice please let me know!!

The scraper is the best I ever work with.. It's made of plastic so it doesn't scratch the plates, like the other ones with the metal end! Before this I used an old credit card to scrape the excess polish off the plate lol
I highly recommend  this kind of scraper to all of you stamping lovers =)

this is how the plates looks inside :

Let me show you now what I did with them so far ...


Overall like the title says I think these are the best plates ever and every nail lover should have at least one!!

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till the next time xoxo

Saturday, May 24, 2014

BeautyUK swatch and review

Hi guys.. Don't know if you have noticed but I changed my blog's name =) Yesterday I received a package full of beautiful make-up so (after some hard thinking) I decided that I will share with you (from now on) my favorite make-up pieces and brands.

ps please fell free to suggest a (better) name for my blog in the comments bellow =)

So the package I mention before was from beautyuk. This is a cosmetics brand that's born 5 years ago in UK. It's a family run business, which is quite nice really in a world full of big, scary, faceless corporations They're creating high quality, affordable products, and being a family business they provide a much friendlier, more tailored service for their customers. 
I heard of this brand when it first came to my country, not so long ago (less than a year) , and I read many positive reviews on their product since. 
I do own some of their nail polishes, since they are my biggest passion, and I did couple of nail arts with them that you can check here: Nail art

Today I'm gonna show you and tell you all about the lip products that I received. which are -  two of their lipstick and 2 POSH POUT- moisturising twist-up tinted lip balms.

from left to right:17 plumalicious , 16 pink my ride,  3 power to the purple and 1 big pinkin'

although they look pretty similar you'll see they actually not =) 

so let's get to the swatches...

first I'm gonna show you two lipsticks that I have.

PACKAGING: The packaging is really sleek and doesn't give the impression that it's a cheap brand at all. I love that you can see the colors of the lipstick at the end which makes it nice and easy to see which colour you're picking up.  
A great bonus is that the ends come off and it contains a little extra product to apply with a lip brush. I never seen that in the other brands so I think it's quite unique =)
And I love the little <3 that every lipstick has =))


No 17 PLUMALICIOUS is  a nice rich dark berry (burgundy) color that is quite bold. It gives sort of a vampy look on your lips. It's really pigmented goes on extremely nicely and creamy and it last quite long. I love the feel that this lipstick leaves on the lips -  kind of a cooling effect I believe caused by peppermint. In case you don't like these kind of things, don't worry bc the feeling disappears after few minutes.
Both of the lipstick are mint scented  and really moisturizing.
Overall I quite liked this lipstick and I think it would be perfect for autumn/winter time (at least for me).

it retails for £3.49 and you can find it here: plumalicious

No 16 PINK MY RIDE  is a bright, fuchsia toned pink which is incredibly vibrant and pigmented within one application to the lips. I've been searching for this tipe of lipstick I think for
2 years now. I bought few from the other brands (like essence and catrice) that appeared to be bright fuchsia pinks but the color didn't transfer to the lips =/ 
Finally I have found perfect bright pink for the summer time =)))  : pink-my-ride

 I couldn't really capture the real shade of it. it's a bit darker and more fuchsia on the lips ;)
Perfect summer lipstick for me =)


 I love the formula of these lipsticks and think Beauty UK have done an amazing job and made them really good competitors for more expensive brands. They are really creamy and soft but this does not compromise the lasting power of the product which I find is often the case with moisturising lipsticks! The lasting power is amazing, even after eating and drinking the pigmentation looks as strong and bright as when first applied which I believe to be such an important factor because there is nothing worse than wearing a bright, statement lipstick to then find the color has faded after short amount of time. 

 Now let's get on to the POSH POUT's - Moisturising twist-up tinted lip balms. 
The Posh Pouts are a typical lip crayons.The crayons have a very slight minty scent, but barely detectable ( I didn't noticed it at first) and they are extremely moisturising.
I absolutely adore these because they glide on super smoothly, stay put for quite a long time (couple of hours), and some have a staining effect on your lips! 
They are a great product to carry around in your bag, since the cap is super secure and won't fall off, and unlike a lipstick if you accidentally get a bit out of your lip line it doesn't stain immediately, so you still have some time to fix up.

 The 2 shades that I have to show you are  No 1 big pinkin' and No 3 power to the purple


No 1 BIG PINKIN'  is a soft medium to light blue based pink color and it's on the sheer side. It's not as pigmented as the lip sticks but I quite liked the fact they're so different. 
It's not so long-lasting (couple of hours before you have to re-apply) but these products aren't supposed to be, it's easily applied and very convenient for on the go. 
At first it has a glossy finish that turns into satin one. The application is really easy and smooth and that's what I love about these products.

No 3 POWER TO THE PURPLE  isn't really purple at all but is a lovely sheer shade of deep pink. 

  in the photo from left to right : power to purple and big pinkin'

 Both of these retails for  £2.99 such a bargain!!

Overall I really liked all of the 4 products that I show you.. I would highly recommend you to try some of them because they're high quality products for such a  low prices.
there are more colors and shades available on their site so check it out :

They also have a 25% off everything until the 27.05.2014. Just enter MayFun14 at the checkout.

I wanted to thank Stephanie for giving me this opportunity to try these amazing products, and also say that all the swatches and reviews are 100% honest and true.

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 till the next time xoxo   

Friday, May 23, 2014

Essence BEACH CRUISERS -swatch, review and NAIL ART =)

Hy guys it's Friday yeeey =))) I had very busy week so I couldn't wait for the end of it to come, so I can get some rest lol

today I have a review of the new essence summer "the sparkling sand" collection to show you!

The collection is called Beach cruisers and it contains 4 sparkling sands in colors
01 I <3 summer break - red liquid sand with gold shimmer to it
02 girls just wanna have SUN! (lol) - light peachy color with golden shimmer
03 keep calm and go to the beach! - turquoise/teal/mermaid color with gold shimmer
04 life is a beach - is the color of the beach sand with a golden shimmer

Since I have a liquid sand from another brand that's quite similar to  02 girls just wanna have SUN! I didn't buy it! But the color is really pretty and if you don't own anything similar I would highly recommend it! As for the 01 I <3 summer break and 04 life is a beach I find that color quite boring for summer and I think they don't really compliment a lighter skin tone so I didn't wanted to spend money on them also! 

So the one that I purchased is  03 keep calm and go to the beach! this is my absolute favorite in this collection. The color is so pretty and fun for this time of year..

so let's get to the swatches 

 I put 2 coats without top coat for the photos! the formula is great, as you can see is fully opaque in 2 coats. Dries quite fast with sandy finish and the removing is easy as well. It lasted 5 days on my nails,  without chipping , and that's great for my nails. 
I love this color and the hint of shimmer that really pops when the sun hit's it!

 and now a little nail art that I did using this polish

 accent nail done with a help of a scotch tape =)

A  fish braid accent nail

Both very easy to do

OVERALL : I find this collection to be quite boring for the summer ( except the polish that I show you). It would be better if they have chosen brighter and more fun-summer appropriate colors because the formula is great. So I'm a bit sad about that , but that's just my opinion and maybe you'll found the other colors interesting and suitable for you so don't hesitate to try them if you like them =)! 

I hope you liked today's post and that you find it useful.
thank you for reading till the next time xoxo 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Catrice - Shopping Day At Bluemingdales

Hello guys I hope you're  having a good weekend.. It's a bit rainy here in Croatia so I'm kinda stuch inside :/ but that gave me a motivation to write a new post :)
Today I'm gonna show you a nail polish that is part of Catrice's regular line. It's called Shopping Day At Bluemingdales and it's a gorgeous Blu color that I didn't aspect to love as much as I do, now after I swatch it. It really compliment my pale (porculan ) skin tone.
Here is 2 coats without top coat.. it's a cream rich/indigo blue that applies very nicely and easily. . I didn't had any problem with the formula.. I highly recommend this polish!!

I wanted to spice things up a little, after iI warn it for like a 2 days on it's own .so I added one coat of Polish Alcoholic ' s holographic top coat called Intergalactic dust (This is my all time favourite topper)

 this is the result 

you can find Intergalactic dust and all the other Polish Alcoholic beautiful 5-free home made polishes on her etsy shop- PolishAlcoholic

Hope you find this post usefull :) till the next time xoxo

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Polish Alcoholic : swatch and review

Hi guys! Hope you had a great weekend and even better beginning of the week. Mine was great, the best Monday I had in a while... Today I received a package with 3 polishes from one of the kindest nail polish makers Sabrina, the owner of Polish Alcoholic. She's an European Indie polish maker that make one of the most gorgeous and unique lacquers =)  Sabrina sells everything from glitters to holos to thermals, cremes even glow in the dark polishes! 

She packed each polish individually in this super cute purple and pink wrapping paper awww ..they look adorable don't they =) 

Now let me show you what was inside the paper ...

 On the picture are Luctor et Emergo; Intergalactic Dust and Tangerine on Fire

LUCTOR ET EMERGO that I found meens "I struggle/wrestle/ and I emerge/win/" on Latin .. I love that name .. came out as a part of the Autumn 2013 collection with 11 other gorgeous colors. Unfortunately for those who don't have this one jet it's DISCONTINUED =(
It's a purple/eggplant simmer with a pink undertone and green glitters. Very interesting and brave combination. I first taught I won't really like this one but once I swatched it I feel in love.. It looks great on nails and it was really hard for me to capture it's beauty on camera. The formula is good I used 2 coats for the photos below..

 TANGERINE ON FIRE hehe funny name =) love it lol.. This  is a bright orange color with ultra fine copper shimmer that dries to a satin (semi matte) finish . It came out as a part of Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The formula is great , full opacity with just 2 coats and it dries really fast!! Photos are 2 coats with no top coat..


INTERGALACTIC DUST another great and innovative name in my opinion =) This one is a holographic top coat made with super concentrated Spectraflair that has the most amazing shine when the light hits it!! This polish is part of the “Out of Space collection” .
It will look absolutely great over any other creme polish but also to do a french manicure =) Witch I'll be doing soon ;)
The formula is great you get the holo effect with only one coat and it dries very quickly =))

 This is 2 coats on it's own 

Overall I really like all of these polishes, I never own any polish that has satin finish so I'm really happy that I have one of those in my collection now and also intergalactic dust is my first holo polish and I'm trilled =))) 

You can find Polish Alcoholic lacquers for sale on Etsy. Sabrina’s polishes are all 5-free, 10 mL and priced between €7.50 and €9.50 a bottle and she ships worldwide! You can also find her on Twitter, InstagramFacebook, Pinterest and of course, make sure to check out Sabrina’s awesome blog! The Polish Alcoholic nail lacquers are definitely worth checking out so I hope you’ll take a look! 
She have a special offer this entire month which means that everyone who buys 2 or more polishes will get one bottle of cuticle oil of their choice for free! Isn't that great?! 

At the end I wanna say a BIG thank you to Sabrina that sent me this beauties <3 :* 

so do you have a favourite?? let me know in the comments ..
till the next time xoxo  

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy little dots :)

Hi guys happy Sunday :))
Few days ago I made this nail design that was inspired by the dress I saw on TV. I quite like it, it's really simple and easy to do so I decided to share it with you. ( rime hehe)
First I painted my nails withe, I used 2 coats of Essie s blank.. and after that I just made some dots with black and green nail polish in circular shape..
At the end I've applied the top coat (seche vite- the best one I've tried so far) and that was it.
It's really easy to do and you don't need any special skill to made this..
Hope you like it .. till the next time xoxo