Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review of XF 1388 Water Decals from Born Pretty Store and O.P.I A Grape Fit!

Hello my nail lovers =) Are you enjoying the sun? I am :D
Today I'll be sharing with you my experience with these water decals that I got from
 Born Pretty Store to review!

picture is from BPS site

The decals are beautiful, really artistic and the colors are perfect.
Let me show you what I did with them before I start the actual review ;)

First issue that I had with these is the size!
I used 2 of the biggest ones (circled red on the photo bellow) for these nails, so no way I could do all of my nails with them, since there's just 10 decals.
Oh yeah and you have to cut them , but that's not really a problem for me!

Second issue for me was the application. I think that's because I didn't apply coat of polish, I just applied them on my natural nail, so it was really hard to keep decal stuck on the nail.
So I would suggested you to put coat of polish first, that will also prolong the wearing.

Third issue - when I applied top coat the edges of the decals started to bend and shrink.
I don't know why that happened, I always use the same top coat
Essie's Good to Go so... :/

 You can see on the photos bellow the white marks where the decal bent.

And now let me tell you about this gorgeous light purple cream polish that I pared with these decals!
It's called A Grape Fit! by O.P.I. 
I've bought it last year for like 70% off :D
The formula on this one is creamy perfection!
 Fully opaque in 2 easy coats and applies like heaven. One of the prettiest purple polish I've ever tried <3 

 Overall the decals are decent quality and you can make them work, but on the other hand Born Pretty Store has many more that are much better. I reviewed few of them before so you can take a look if you're interested!
 ps They're retails for $1,59 and you can get them HERE

Thank you for reading =)
I hope you liked my post and found it interesting!

Till the next post :* :*

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Sunday, June 7, 2015


Hello my nail lovers, hope you're doing great =)
Today's assignment for Matching Manicure Sunday is flower manicure, so let me show you what I did!

Pozdrav noktoljupci, nadam se da ste dobro =)
Zadatak za ovotjedni Matching Manicure Sunday su cvjetovi, pa da vam pokažem što sam napravila =)

The technique I used for this design is called "reverse stamping". 
 Basically you stamp the image onto the stamper but before you transfer it on the nail you filled it ( while the design is still on the stamper) then you put a coat of top coat and wait for it to dry.
Once dried you put it on the nail, sorta like a nail wrap, and top it with another coat of top coat!

Tehnika koju sam koristila za ovu manikuru se zove "reverse stamping" aka preokrenuto pečatiranje.
Dizajn se prenese na stamper, ali prije nego se prenese na nokat, ispuni se, nakon toga se preko ispunjenog dizajna  stavi sloj nadlaka i čeka da se to sve osuši.
Jednom suho nanese se na nokat kao jedna vrsta naljepnice, te se prekrije sa još jednim slojem nadlaka!

So what do you think of this design?
I kako vam se čini ova manicura? 
Pogledajte što su druge cure napravile / check out what other girls did: