Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mani swap

Hello my friends :) how are you doing?
For the first time ever I did a mani swap with one of my favorite nail bloggers and artists - Ditta's nail design & art.
If you don't already know,  the mani swap is all about choosing a design from a fellow nail blogger and recreating it :)

This is the design from Ditta that I choose for our first swap. Here is her blog post about it in case you want to see that.

Ditta's original design

And this is my version

I don't have exactly the same color so I tried to find the ones that are most similar to the originals.


 The main reason I've choose this particular design is the fact that I received the same neon studs from Born Pretty Store that Ditta reviewed before so it was kinda destiny to do this one ;D ps I'll post the review on those latter on , so stay tuned!  

Ditta also chose one of my designs and recreate it. She choose the fun summer nail art that's actually recreation of missjenfabulous nail art for beginners. I did a step by step tutorial of it..

my design
 together ...
First one is Ditta's recreation =)

So what do you think of this mani swap idea? I really liked it, I think it's super fun and exciting. . .
 I would do it again any time =)

Don't forget to check Ditta's blog , facebook and instagram =)

till the next time xoxo

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