Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nail art using beautiful blue roses water decals

Hi guys, hope your having a great day so far =) Mine was pretty calm and relaxing. I didn't do much today I'm just chillin' and being lazy .. but that's what summer is for right? :D

Today I'm gonna show you some beautiful water decals that I got from Born Pretty Store ,tell you all about them and show you the design I've made using them.

First let me show you how they look..

As you can see they look beautiful, but they don't came cut out to fit your nails (like nail wraps). You have to cut them yourself on sizes that fits your planed design. For me this isn't a bad thing because this way you can do whole nail, just tips or place single rose wherever you like.

For my first design I decided to cover entire nail with the design and this is how it looks..

How did I do this:
I painted 3 of my nails in a shimmery indigo blue color, I've used Nicole by O.P.I called Listen to Your Momager  from their Kardashian collection. This is a dark blue jelly base filled with light blue micro glitters (very pretty). I used 2 coats plus top coat.
Then I painted 1 coat of white polish (Alpine Snow by O.P.I) on my accent nails.
I waited for the colors to dry and then I cut out the images to approximately fit my nails.
Then I removed the transparent foil that was covering the decals and dip them into the water (one at the time) for about 30 seconds.  You'll know if the decals are ready by gently moving your thumb across the design, if the design is separating from the white paper base then they're ready to be used. At this point I just separated the decal from the base and placed them onto my nail, they don't stick right away so you have time to place them where you want.
I've dried the nail (decal) with some paper towel and then removed the access of the decal with  polish remover. The final step is, as always, the top coat. And that's it =)
oh yeah I almost forgot I've made a dots on the blue base with a gold shimmery polish, just to add a little touch =)

 They're really easy to use and to remove latter on. Also great quality and price ($2,86).

In case you want to try them you can find them HERE!
Don't forget to use code HE10K31 for 10% off any order + free shipping worldwide =)

till the next time xoxo

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  1. Predivna ti je ova manikura! <3 Sad bih ja te naljepnice! Baš bih i mogla... :D

    1. Hehe mogla bi da :) jako su lijepe i dobre ove! Ps hvala na komplimentu :) :*