Saturday, July 5, 2014

My ultimate stamping kit

Hello my friends, hope you're doing great  =)
I decided to share my ultimate stamping kit with you today. I've tried so many plates, stampers and scraper before I've found  the ones that works for me.

First stamping kit that I bought was from the brand called Essence and it was quite affordable but also not so great.

I ruled out the scraper from the beggining because it have a metal part at the bottom which scrapes the plate and leave ugly marks on it. Instead I've used old credit card.
The stamper works good on smaller images but it's difficult to transfer the whole, large image  on the nails. It doesn't pick up completely and the image is not nice and clean :/

I decided to try with some other plate so I ordered one with a gorgeous designs from Born Pretty Store.
The results was better but still not perfect.

I also try to change a stamper. I've tried the one from MoYou London but this one didn't pick up the image at all :/
I know many of nail artist and blogger also love and make great reviews on Konad stamper but I just couldn't afford it =(
At this point I wanted to give up from stamping, I tought I was just not good enought to do it and that this is not my kind of thing.

But after some time spent thinking,  I decide to give one last chance to stamping. I ordered stamping kit from BPS that was quite affordable only $2,99 it contains a double side stamper and scraper.

I imediatelly tried it, once I received it and I love it. You will see the improvement =))
I'm just gonna say it made me not to give up from stamping =)
It's really good, picks up and transfer image nicely . It's really easy to use and its bigger then the ones I owned so it's lot more comfortable in the hand and easier to hold.

I've made this post to make life a bit more easier to all nail art beginners who would like to try themselves in stamping. This is the kit I would recommend you to try since its affordable and great quality. Instead of trying a lot of stampers and plates and ended up to be disappointed , try this one, and you wont be sorry =)

In case you decide to purchase this kit (or anything else) from BPS don't forget to use a 10% off code

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