Saturday, April 26, 2014

Paint Shop Polish: Vampire Diaries collection

Hi guys hope your having a great day! =) Mine certainly is.
Today I finally received a 3 mini polishes from Paint Shop Polish to swatch and review =).. Couple months ago Candi from PSP searched the bloggers who will be up to review their upcoming Vampire diaries inspired collection. I was one of the girls chosen for the job =) .. You can only imagine my happiness at that point =)))
So I waited for quite some time for these polishes to finally arrive,  but it was worth it.

The entire collection is 12 polishes in total, one of them is white pearly creme, 3 jelly polishes with glitters and the rest (8) are glitter toppers =)
This collection is full of some fun and versatile glitters that will look good over pretty much anything! 
It's limited edition so if you're interested in any of the polishes don't wait too long!!
you can check entire collection here : PSP Vampire diaries collection 

Candi was so good that she send a code for 10 % off from for you : PSP10 
The ones that I got are all glitter topcoats.

so lets get started ...

STEFAN is a glitter topcoat jam packed with blue and holo black glitters in various shapes and sizes. Inspired by Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries.
The application is easy and smooth, there no rough edges on the glitters so you don't have to use any kind of additional top coat.
The picture bellow are 2 thin coats over Essie's Blank.  

DAMON is a glitter topcoat jam packed with purple and black holographic glitters in various shapes and sizes. Purple skull and crossbones are added, giving this polish a punk flare. Inspired by Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. 
The application , like for the previous one, is easy and smooth, there's no rough edges on the glitters so you don't have to use any kind of additional top coat.
The picture bellow are 2 thin coats over O.P.I - A grape fit! and Essie's - Liliacism

HUNTER is a red glitter topcoat with red skull and crossbones. Inspired by The Five vampire hunters from The Vampire Diaries. The formula is perfect, this one is the most opaque out of tree.. The applications was smooth as for the previous ones. The only problem I had was the skulls and the crossbones that was really hard for me to pick up. But I didn't find that to be a big problem. The photos are 2 coats

Overall I really like all the 3 polishes , If I had to choose only one that would be STEFAN.
Also I found HUNTER to be perfect for the Christmas time =)

Oh I almost forgot the most important thing in my point of view : The REMOVAL!!!
I don't know how PSP did it but the formula is perfect!! I took it off as easy as I take of any regular creme polish. Without scratching, soaking in acetone or wrapping with the aluminum foil ... Finally someone made the perfect glitter polish =) Thank you Candi for that <3

All of the PSP polishes are hand made. CRUELTY FREE. Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde & Toluene FREE.  Also shipped worldwide =)
Don't forget that this is limited edition 

I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I did ..

till the next time xoxo 



  1. Haha...they are so funny with the little ones there :D
    Aaand the clean up's amazing :x
    3 little beauties.

  2. Sooo cute!! Amazing review hon!!

  3. Fun and cute! I'd love to see all the polishes in the line!

    1. Yeah me too , especially when these 3 turn outh to be so good.. the photos of the entire collection are posted on PSP etsy store (you can find the link in the post) but I have to say I don't really like how they're swatched :/