Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Easy neon step by step tutorial

Hi guys, as promised in my last post I'm gonna show you how I did my neon stud design.

This is really easy to do and fast, the only thing you'll be needing are bright and colorful polishes and neon studs. I have used ones from born pretty store. You can read a review on them here.

1  paint your nails white, I've used O.P.I's Alpine Snow
2  paint the tip of your nail with colors you like (use a brush that comes with a polish, you don't need any special one) , I've used pink polish from ciate, Where did Suzi's man-go? by O.P.I (orange), Wernerite by Polish Alcoholic (neon yellow), You're so outta lime by O.P.I (green) and Hide & Go Chic by Essie (blue)
3  place the studs, make a few dots with a toothpick. Add a top coat and that's it!!

It's so simple... if you don't already own any colorful studs you can get them here!

In case you try this design, please share the photos on my facebook page or Instagram  so I can see them

till the next time xoxo


  1. WOW.
    This mani is amazing.
    It's so simple, but cute and fun :D

    1. Thank you dear :* I think so too its super fun for summer ;)

  2. Obožavam zvjezdice, jako mi se sviđa! :)

  3. Hvala to Sanela :) i meni su baš fora , boje pogotovo :))