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The Mermaid collection!!

Hi guys hope you're doing great... As you probably know it's summer here in Croatia but man the weather seems not to agree with's been raining for days now :/ I hope it would stop soon so I can take my manis to the beach lol

I'm super excited for todays post because for the first time I'm doing a review on the whole polish collection =))
I'm gonna show you the prettiest and girliest collection I've ever seen. Its a Mermaid collection by Paint Shop Polish =)

If you're following my blog for a while then you'll know I've already reviewed some of the polishes from this Indie 5-free polish brand. They were all glitter polishes from the Vampire diaries collection and in case you've missed the review , you can find it here =)

Now let's get down to the swatches and reviews =)
The Mermaid collection consist of 6 beautiful shimmery, holographic polishes. They are all Camphor, Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP and Formaldehyde resin free. One of the great things about this collection is that the formula is a bit on the sheerer side so they can be layer over other cream polishes and make them really pop. I've tried to do that and the results are amazing. I'll show them bellow so keep reading

First one is called Under The Sea - and its a blue holographic polish with a teal undertone. They are all on the jelly side so I used 3 coat for the full opacity . But in case you would want a jelly finish 1-2 coats would be fine. The formula is great, application also.. very smooth and easy. No issues at all.

3 coats on its own

Siren Song is a holographic light purple polish with a blue shimmer and a silver undertone (really hard to describe this unique color). Depending on the lightning it shift from purple to blue - very interesting polish. The formula is bit sheerer then fort the previous one but builds up nicely. Application is flawless!

3 coats on it's own 

one coat layered over You're Such a Budapest by OPI

Coral Reef is a gorgeous pink holographic, pearlescent , shimmery polish. I love this one it has the most amazing shimmer. The formula is great, application flawless. Take a look at the photos

3 coats on its own
one coat layered over light pink polish


 Fishtail  is a sea green holographic polish with an amazing pearlescent effect when layered down over some other cream polish. Opaque in 3 coats. Formula is grat as for the others.

3 coats on its own    

1 coat over mint green polish. The picture doesn't show how amazing this looks (it was cloudy :/ ) 

Seaweed's gardens  is a light green holographic polish with a lot of golden/yellow undertone and shimmer. Great formula and application . Amazing shine =)

3 coats on it's own


 And last but not the least is Mermaid's Gold =) This is a golden holographic polish with gorgeous pearlescent effect. Opaque in 3 coats, and no application issues!

3 coats on its own

To be honest I was in love with this collection at the moment I saw it =) so I couldn't just stop on the swatches. I really wanted to know how the polishes looks like layered over plain old white polish.... let me just show you the pictures .... ps I have applied only one coat of the mermaid's polishes..

And that my friends was the entire Mermaid collection. My favorites are Under the Sea, Coral Reef and the Fishtail =)

You can find all the polishes on PSP's etsy shop , they retail for 6$ - 5ml and 10.50$ - 10ml, shipping is worldwide =)))

I hope you've enjoyed reading this review as much as I enjoyed writing it.  

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Till the next time xoxo 

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