Friday, November 14, 2014

Make Your Own Nail Wraps/Decals

Hello my polished friends =) hope you're doing great!! 
I posted this mani few days ago on my Facebook page and some of you said you want to know how I did it so here it is =) .. Just for you :* 

I saw this technique a long ago from YouTube nail artist Meliney but I was lazy to try it till now :/ 

Let me first tell you what I used :  

Gold Silk by Parrot Polish on my thumb, index and pinky finger (REVIEW)
Blanc by Essie on middle and ring finger (REVIEW)
 Stamper and 
Scraper (REVIEW)
Stamping plate - MoYou London Pro collection 08 (REVIEW
Good to Go! Fast drying top coat by Essie 

 Basically, I did everything that you normally do when you do stamping: apply polish on the desired image on the plate, scrape the excess polish with the scraper, press the stamper onto the image so it transfer completely from plate to stamper.
Now (this part is different) I filled the design with different polish colors (green,orange,dark pink), using nail art brush, on the stamper!! You don't transfer the image onto your nail jet!
When I filled the image, I applied top coat over it and let it dry for about 30 min if you apply fast drying top coat!!
After the image on the stamper dries, you have to take tweezers and gently separate it from the stamper and transfer it onto the nail. Make sure the base color is still wet so the image can stick to it (or add a coat of top coat on the base color)!! 
After you place and set your decal add some top coat over because it smoothes everything out!

Don't worry if the image is bigger than your nail, just put some acetone or nail polish remover on  Q-tip or brush and remove it. Decal is made of polish so it come off easily!! 

And that's it, its very easy and allows you to have perfect design!

Usually when I do stamping I can't transfer entire image on my nail, especially if my nails are longer, so this is the perfect way I get the perfect design on my entire nail :D

I hope this post helps you to create beautiful designs =) 
I would love to see your work, so please tag me on Facebook or Instagram  =)

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Till the next time xoxo  


  1. I will be trying this as soon as my Moyou plates come! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Yey can't wait to see yours :D
      Ps thank you for reading and commenting :*

  2. joooj, svaki put kad naiđem na ovo kažem si da moram probati... a onda mi nešto drugo padne na pamet ;)
    ali svakako odlična ideja, kao i izvedba <3

    1. Tako je i meni bilo.. ali definitivno probaj, fora je..
      Ps hvala na komplimentu :*

  3. obpzavam lale, super je ispalo..kad dodje prolece one su neizostavne dokle god traje sezona lala!