Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My (small) Essie collection

Hi guys, I'm really excited about todays post. Today I have for you swatches and reviews of my entire Essie collection .. you probably go wow - the entire collection .. well I must tell you right away it's really small one :D
Although my Essie collection is really small (I own only 5 polishes + one nail treatment), I'm really happy to have it.
Since Essie polishes are pretty expensive in my country it's not really possible for me to have all of the colors that I would won't , witch sucks  :/ but it is what it is.

All of the colors you'll see down bellow were purchased by me (on discount :D ) and aren't anyway sponsored by anyone (except me lol)

so let's get started =)

First one I have to show you is the color that I think every nail lover should have in their collection ( from any brand you prefer). It's the good old WHITE polish, this one is called Blanc.

I don't have to tell you much about the color, but I do have to tell you about the formula.
The formula on this one is not the best one.. It's a bit thick and streaky and a little chalky , so I cannot say I'm completely satisfied with it, but it's manageable . I use a white polish mostly as a base for my nail art so at the end you don't really see that it's not perfect .
to conclude : I wouldn't recommend you to buy this one for the full price, but if you can get it 50% off like I did , then go for it =) 

The second polish of my collection is another cream one. It's called FLAWLESS . I bought this one the same day as I bought Blanc and these 2 where my very first Essie nail polishes =)
Unlike the blanc this one has great formula and it's such a pretty candy pink color. If you're looking for the true girly pink nail polish then this one is right for you... or as the name would say it's flawless =)


The third one is my absolute favorite of my entire (small) collection =) 
It's LILACISM I'm sure many of you herd about this color already because it's been very popular since it came out in spring 2013. Now I know why...The formula is great, it's fully opaque in 2 coats and it's perfect lavender color .
Overall, I am extremely happy with this nail polish! The shade is to die for and the formula is outstanding! If you like pastel nail polishes I definitely recommend you check Lilacism out!  

The other two I'm gonna show you are shimmers =)

First one is THE LACE IS ON pink toned purple shimmer . It came out with the fall collections of 2013.
This polish has an amazing formula opaque even with only one coat and extremely easy to apply. I was in love with this polish since I first swatch it.
 this is one coat

  two coats no top coat

The last but not the least is TROPHY WIFE the perfect deep teal pearl polish. It's not a opaque as THE LACE IS ON but it still gets fully opaque in 2 coats.. Formula is good and if you're a fan of green, teal, mermaid colors than you should definitely check this one out =)

 As probably many of you know the Essie has really good formula on most of their polishes,  the amazing medium-sized brush allows you great control over the application and they last for days without chipping ..

All of the swatches you saw where 2 coats and no top coat.

so, what do you think about my collection? do you like or own any of the colors? 


  1. Beautiful collection honey!
    I absolutely love the LILACISM one :x

    1. Oh me too . Its my favourite spring color.. I would recommend you to buy it cause it's really gorgeous and worth the money. .