Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Best Stamping Plates Ever

Hey guys, I'm supper excited to finally share with you the Ultimate stamping plates.
In this post I'll be reviewing MoYou -LONDON-  stamping plates and I'll share with you the designs I've done with them so far.

First off all, in case you didn't  heard about MoYou till now,  it's a beauty accessories company situated in London that is distributing products all around the world.
They are one of the most famous brands in the nail art community because of their most unique, gorgeous and high quality stamping plates.

I have two of these gorgeous plates, a stamper and a scraper to show you today. One plate is from -THE PRO-  collection and the other one is from -FRENCHY- collection.

I was introduce to nail stamping few months back , I bought a basic nail stamping kit from Essence, and at first I felt like I'm really bad at it... the image wouldn't transfer completely, or would result blur , etc,etc...  Then I tried another plate (from another brand) and I saw that the images turned up a little better but still not how they supposed to be. I was a little disappointed at that time and I was thinking I would never manage to do a perfect stamping. 
But then things changed... I received a nail mail from MoYou London... I have to say that I was a little scared at first because I taught that, maybe, I won't be able to do a perfect design with this top plates but naaah... The plates are so unique and extremely easy to work with and with them EVERYBODY CAN BE A NAIL ARTIST =)  

 When I first saw a stamper I was so happy and excited to try it, because the one that I owned is really small and cheap and it's not really god. But my excitement disappeared when I tried to stamp with it. I just couldn't transfer the image onto it :/ .. I don't know how to make it work.. if you have some advice please let me know!!

The scraper is the best I ever work with.. It's made of plastic so it doesn't scratch the plates, like the other ones with the metal end! Before this I used an old credit card to scrape the excess polish off the plate lol
I highly recommend  this kind of scraper to all of you stamping lovers =)

this is how the plates looks inside :

Let me show you now what I did with them so far ...


Overall like the title says I think these are the best plates ever and every nail lover should have at least one!!

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till the next time xoxo


  1. Great post and beautiful designs darling!!!

    1. Thank you so much dear :) I'm so happy you like it

  2. My tip for the stamper; you need to work the surface with a very fine file, so that the shiny layer is gone, then clean the surface with acetone and then the stamper should work perfectly. If not, use the file again. At first, I had to use my file every time I wanted to use my stamper, but now it works like crazy! And I recently bought 4 of those white soft sillicone stampers and after just filing every one just once, they work perfectly. I don't want to use another kind of stamper anymore.....
    I hope my tip is usefull.....
    Another tip in case the images don't tranfer very well onto the nail; before stamping the image onto the nail, first put a layer of transfer foil glue on top of the base color on your nails, let it dry to transparancy and then stamp the image on top of that. Succes guaranteed!!!

    1. Wow thank you so much for this tips youre so kind :) I'll definitely try them out :))) <3