Monday, November 17, 2014

Simple strips nail art

Hi guys, how are you doing? 
I decided to share with you a very simple and basic nail art that I did few days ago.

For the base:
 O.P.I - Alpine snow

For the stripes:
Silver striper nail polish - Look by Bipa, 
that's the only striper I have so I used nail striping brush (REVIEW) for other 2 color, which are:
Essie - Flawless (REVIEW)
China Glaze - For Audrey 

 This is basic nail art that I think everyone can do, but it's also really pretty and effective so you can do it even if you're not a beginner!
Also you can use all kinds of colors for this!


 These are the brushes that I've used. I bought them on eBay for like 1$ and I think they're essential for any nail art lover. I did a review while back so you can check out that HERE!!

I quite like how it turned  out, do you?

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Till the next time xoxo   


  1. So pretty and simple! (And I have to get those brushes :) )

    1. Thank you dear :* ps you need them , they're so usefull and cheep