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Let's talk make-up #2 - Beauty UK

I just realized I didn't do a make-up post for a looong time, so I decide to show you one eyeshadow pallet, eyebrow set and blush from a brand called BeautyUK that I absolutely love. I already talked about this brand in the post about some of their lipsticks and crayons that you can find HERE. Although this is really affordable drugstore brand the quality of their products is amazing and its great both for beginners and more advance make-up artists.
They're based in UK but they have an online shop as well and they do ship worldwide =)

Let me first show you this gorgeous eyeshadow palette that I have..

 This is a part of the Posh palettes.  They are available in four sensational collections, this one is the newest no.4 called Galaxy. This palettes are well pigmented and perfectly presented and they are the new generation of Beauty UK’s famous, award-winning eye palettes. 
It contains 10 mostly shimmery shades. The case is made of a hard white plastic so it wont break easily, and it has a useful mirror on the inside of the lid plus the 2 side applicator. 
The colors are stunning, they go from nudes to purples, blues and blacks. Perfect for darker night looks but also more lighter, natural day looks. I simply love it. The only downside for me is the applicator because I don't really like these sponged ones :/ But I do have my own brushes so this isn't that big of a deal.

Let me show you how they swatch ...

The second thing I want to show you today is ALL IN ONE BROW DEFINITION KIT from the same brand. The set comes in a cute little packaging that's made from hard plastic as well.  It contains 3 shades and one colorless wax  that helps keeping the brows in their place. The set also includes some really good tweezers and double ended application brush. I love how cute and little they are but jet so efficient.

In the back of the packaging you can find the instructions, and they said:

step 1- Shape and define your brows using the angled brush. Dip in the soft, colorless wax and use smooth, angled strokes.
step 2- Use the soft blending brush to apply the setting powder. This will fill in any sparse areas and lock the brow in place.
step 3- Perfect your look by using the precision tweezers to remove any stray hairs. Done! 

I love this set because it suitable for all hair types and colors , you can easily mix the 3 shades to get exactly what you need. As you can see on the photo I use the lightest color the most  =)
If you don't already own some sort of brow kit I think you can give this one a go for only £3.99!

Last thing I have to show you for today is my favorite  highlighter/blush  =) . It's a baked-box blush by Beauty UK no.3 called HALO (great name)

 Although the box says it's a blush in my opinion it's more of a highlighter because it gives you amazing glow and not much color. But I like it that way because you can use it just like a highlighter or blush in the summer when you only want something sparkling on your cheeks =)
 The packaging is made from cardboard slim, square box with a square mirror within the flip lid.  The cardboard compact closes  tight thanks to a magnet. The baked blush contains 4,4g of product which is really good for the price of £3.99. 

look how gorgeous this is

amazing glow

This is an absolute must have for all of us girls. It's so wearable and usable in more ways, for such an affordable price. 

Overall I obviously love all of the  products I've show you today and really think every girl should have something like this in her make-up bag, whether you do your make-up a lot or from time to time like me =)

In case you don't have BeautyUK in your country, don't worry they have an online shop that ships worldwide and here's the LINK =

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Till the next time xoxo

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