Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween nail art #2 - CRAZY PUMPKINS :D

Hello my friends, I'm back after some time. I graduated from college (pharmacy) so I was bit busy with that, but now I have more time for my hobbies at least until I found a job :)

I've done another  Halloween nail art although I don't really celebrate the Halloween I've got some amazing glow in the dark polishes (REVIEW) that are perfect for this type of manicures, and that's why I do them lol!!

First I've painted my nails black, I've used Kiko nail lacquer number 819 (REVIEW)  

Then I've made a pumpkins with orange polish - Where Did Suzis Man-go? by O.P.I (REVIEW) using the brush that comes with the polish (2 strokes)

 After that I started to paint details such as mouth, eyes, nose, teeth etc. For this part I've used black acrylic paint because my black striper dried out :/ 
You can do what ever you want to decorate the pumpkins!
At the end I applied Glow Blaze - orange glow in the dark nail polish by Parrot Polish but just on the pumpkins so they look more interesting in the night :D

And that's my Crazy Pumpkins nail art idea for Halloween. I hope you liked it and if you have any questions or anything fell free to leave me a comment :D

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till the next time xoxo  


  1. Cestitam na diplomi farmaceuta ! svaka cast ! nije da cu zanemariti i manikir , sve pohvale !

  2. Hehe manikir je manje bitan, bitno da je diploma tu :D
    Hvala ti puno :*