Friday, October 3, 2014


Hello guys hope you're doing great!
Today I decided to write a review for this product that I recently bought in a local drugstore.
It's an anti red base from a n European cosmetic drugstore brand called Catrice.

I was planing on buying some foundation base for a while now and this one recently came out, it's a part of their new line. The reason I bought this one, apart for the fact that it suppose to neutralize redness and it's oil free (which is perfect for my skin), is because I have their foundation and setting powder and I'm so happy with them. So I've figured it would be nice to have complete set from the same brand (base, foundation and setting powder).
I've tried this base few days ago for the first time. It's green which is okay, products that reduce redness normally are! So I expected that but the fact I didn't expect are the glitters... yep you read it right... it contains glitters!!

At first I taught the packaging was dirty so that's where the glitters are from. Then I washed it and my hands and everything and start over... but didn't helped... my face was glowing like a Christmas tree :/ 
And it doesn't get covered by foundation... terrible!!
ps the picture bellow is my hand (not face)
I hope you can see how many glitters there is in small amount of product

I don't know what they were thinking when they've made this. .. I mean it's a base that supposed to reduce redness and excessive shine and not to add it.
The reason I'm quite mad about this product is that they didn't wrote that the product contains glitters.. if they did I most certainly wouldn't spend my money on it.
Not that it was expensive, around 5€, but anyway...
This is what they wrote on the packaging: "Soft green primer neutralizes redness and gives a longlasting even skin tone. Minimizes optically fine lines and pores. Use alone or under make up. Free of parabens, oil and perfume.  Dermatologically tested."

I'm so disappointed in this product and brand as well for not letting us know what the product really is and misleading us..
This is why I had to write this post and let you guys know, no mater how sorry I am, because I love this brand!

So for me this is a big regret and fail and I wouldn't recommend this base to anyone who doesn't want to have glitters all over their face!
Hope I helped some of you with this review.  Please let me know in comments below if you'll like to see review of the foundation and setting powder I've mentioned above!

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Till the next time xoxo


  1. Šteta zbog šljokica iako meni takve stvari ni ne smetaju nešto :D No pogledati ću onaj novi primer, rozasti :)

    1. Meni je opis ovoga bio savršen za moju kožu zato mi je baš žao što je tako ispalo.. ni meni ne smeta malo šljokica ali tipa oko očiju ili obrazima, ne po cijelom licu... naročito ne na čelu i bradi (izgleda čudno).
      Trebat ću novu bazu pa ako imaš kakve prijedloge bila bih ti zahvalna :D :*

  2. I hate it when brands do no mention these kind of details. If a base product has glitter or shimmer, it should definitely be mentioned. And a product that is used under foundation should NEVER have glitters in it! Sorry you had to get the unpleasant surprise from this product. Can you return it?

    I would like to see a review of the setting powder. While I am pleased with my current powder (a loose mattifying powder from HEMA in the Netherlands), but they have stopped producing it and I am now in search for a new one for when mine is finished. (It always takes me a long time to decide on getting a product, so I start early lol)

    1. Thank you so much for understanding and agreeing with me. I've contacted Catrice so we'll see what they have to say about that. . I throw away my receipt so I can go to store (not that it's their fault)..
      So I'm just gonna wait for the response (if they provide any) and see.
      Ps as for the setting powder I'll post the review soon then.. I'm pretty satisfied with him :) and I totally understand you for the the long time that takes you to get the product.. It happened to me to and when I finally decide to buy something it turns out like this :/ not good

    2. ahh too bad you threw the receipt. I hope Catrice gets back to you soon!

      You know how almost every blogger out there has a stash of make up products? I can never do that :D I try to find one product that I like, and stick to it until I find the next one. Maybe it's because of my age I'm more like "just get what you really need", but somehow that doesn't apply to nail products lol!!

    3. I hope so too!
      I never stashed make up before but lately I'm kinda stop buying polishes and I'm obsessed with eyeshadow palettes, I didn't start to buying them yet but I think I will :/

  3. Ovaj primer je meni tako zbunjujuć :D fail..

    1. Totalno... a baš šteta jer bi bio odličan bez šljokica ... ahh ne znam što im bi kad su ga radili :/

  4. Nađoh napokon ovu recenziju i imala si pravo...glitter...definitvno je za na listu- nemoj kupovati.. :)

    1. Da užas :// stvarno mi nije jasno zašto su to stavili unutra al ok!!
      Od sada ću hodati po drogerijama sa mobitelom i čitati recenzije ukoliko mi se nešto svidi lol