Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Easy Halloween nail art tutorial #1

Hy guys hope your doing great!
As you probably know, if you follow my blog, I've recently received some glow in the dark polishes  and top coats. The timing of their arrival couldn't be more perfect, since they're perfect for Halloween nail art.
So I did one (so far) using Glow Blaze (REVIEW), vibrant orange in the day and glowing orange in the night :D and it's inspired by Miss ladyfinger! You can use regular orange polish or some other color but glow in the dark makes it special!!

Here is a step by step tutorial:

1 After painting my nails Glow Blaze (review) I've added a dot with my biggest dotting tool using regular black polish
2 I've added second dot, this time a bit smaller then the first one
3 & 4 I've added 4 pairs of legs using black nail art polish ( the one with the striper) and that was it!!!

So easy but yet so effective !!

Did you liked it?  :D and let me know in case you try it :*

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 till the next time xoxo


  1. ovi tvoji pajkovi zbilja djeluju realno, jeza me hvata od njih... no, to tako i treba biti, zar ne :D

    1. Hehe malo jesu scary da lol pogotovo kad svjetla u mraku lol

  2. pali gasi , pali gasi , igrala bih se ko dete ! fantasticno !

    1. Hahaha dala si mi ideju lol
      Ali totalno su fora ovi lakici

    2. morala sam sad da se vratim jos jednom da vidim ovaj post ! super je !bas je super ;)