Friday, March 21, 2014

Review - KIKO nail polishes

Hi guys! Today I have review of two Kiko nail polishes to share with you.
I bought this polishes couple weeks ago in Kiko cosmetic official store in Italy. Since I didn't own any of their polishes I really wonted to try some.
So I picked up two of them, one is the light blue color number 339 and the other is black number 819.  Although I saw some bloggers post names of Kiko polishes I just couldn't find names of this two on the bottle :/ ... after checking the Kiko official web site I found out the names =)

Number 339 named Cornflower is the color I really like. It's a lovely light blue color with a dash of purple. I think this color would look great on every skin tone.
So I was really excited about this one , but when I swatch it.... it was a nightmare =(
The formula is runny and it need like 3-4 coats to be fully opaque... That wouldn't be such a big problem if the drying time was decent . But NO (here comes the problem number 2) The 2 coats that I applied needed hours to completely dry :O
I didn't use any kind of fast dry drops , spray or top coat. I assume it would helped if I did.
But I don't think everyone have those thing so I wonted to see how will the polish behave itself . I was really,really disappointed because I really liked the color =(
I'm gonna show you picture of my swatch now :

  one coat

           two coats ( you can still see my natural nail)

The second polish I have to show you is number 819 - BLACK . This one is from their Quick dry line. The brush on this one is different than from the 339, its flat and bigger so it makes application a bit more easier. The formula on this one was pretty decent. It is a bit ticker but it goes on nicely. It was fully opaque in 2 coats (you can probably get away with just one) and it dried quickly , yay =))
At first sight it look almost perfect =)
The thing about this one is that after  2 days it started to peel of from my nails.
It didn't chip like polishes normally do but it peeled of in one piece :/  
It was just like this new O.P.I peel of base for glitters lol
Did any of you had that kind of experience with nail polish?? this was the first time for me :/

To conclude, I'm a bit disappointed  with this 2 I purchased, I don't know what's wrong with their formulas but something is very wrong. I know lot of you love this brand so I'm sorry but I have to say I don't =( .. I don't think I'm gonna buy Kiko polishes in the near future..
Did you try any of their polishes?  
What are your experience with Kiko brand, do you have any suggestions for me? 
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Thank you for reading =) till the next time xoxo  


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    1. I agree , the color is beautiful but I wouldn't recommend you to buy this one.
      do you own any of their polishes?