Sunday, May 18, 2014

Catrice - Shopping Day At Bluemingdales

Hello guys I hope you're  having a good weekend.. It's a bit rainy here in Croatia so I'm kinda stuch inside :/ but that gave me a motivation to write a new post :)
Today I'm gonna show you a nail polish that is part of Catrice's regular line. It's called Shopping Day At Bluemingdales and it's a gorgeous Blu color that I didn't aspect to love as much as I do, now after I swatch it. It really compliment my pale (porculan ) skin tone.
Here is 2 coats without top coat.. it's a cream rich/indigo blue that applies very nicely and easily. . I didn't had any problem with the formula.. I highly recommend this polish!!

I wanted to spice things up a little, after iI warn it for like a 2 days on it's own .so I added one coat of Polish Alcoholic ' s holographic top coat called Intergalactic dust (This is my all time favourite topper)

 this is the result 

you can find Intergalactic dust and all the other Polish Alcoholic beautiful 5-free home made polishes on her etsy shop- PolishAlcoholic

Hope you find this post usefull :) till the next time xoxo

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