Saturday, March 29, 2014

Essie Hide and Go Chic spring 2014 - FASHION PLAYGROUND

Hi guys! Hope you all are having a nice weekend, mine is pretty good so far! Tonight, I'm finally getting out with my friends after pretty long time =) I'm so excited about that!
Today I have one polish from Essie's new spring collection to share with you. This collection has 6 polishes in beautiful spring shades. I really like it, but unfortunately couldn't afford to buy whole collection. The one polish that I liked the most (on pictures) is FASHION PLAYGROUND! 

ESSIE describes this one : "fun and games just met their match. this plucky pistachio green with subtle shimmer flirts with forever and plays for keeps."  

FOR ME : It's a springy pastel shade of mint (pistachio) green that I'm absolutely in love with. It has that really subtle shimmer that so many of Essie's recent releases have had, but it's pretty difficult to see unless you have really good light or you're at a really good angle.
I was looking for perfect mint nail polish for months. I was thinking about buying China Glaze RE-fresh mint but when I saw this one from Essie I decided to try it.
Well I was wrong!! (unfortunately) Let me tell you why...
Although  the color is perfect the application is really hard! First dislike is the brush- it's small, it's not that wide and flat brush that all of my Essie's have. The weird brush did make application kind of challenging, but not nearly as much as the formula did.I thought it was really thick.The first coat was disappointingly streaky.  So was the second.The third evened everything out decently, but it still didn't look perfect. =(
So I'm pretty disappointed with this polish and I think brand like Essie shouldn't allow this kind of formulas happen to them. I don't think we deserve it for the prize we pay!! I was really set down by this so I don't think I'll be buying more Essie's any time soon =(
I wish I saw a review like this before I went and purchase this polish =(

Here's some pictures :


To conclude : I wouldn't recommend anyone to spend money on this one, the formula is just not worth it!!


  1. oh honey i'm so sorry the formula was bad!! argh I hate that!!! :( thank god you are able to do wonder with any polish!!! <3

    1. This is my third minty green polish with awful formula.. I just don't have luck with them :-( sadly I love that color so much...