Saturday, March 8, 2014

How to create a RAINBOW NAILS

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Hi guys! =)
Today I'm gonna show you my rainbow design and how to do it =)

 so let's get started...

First I painted my nail with the base color . I used Catrice polish named "Am I blue or green?"
I love that name.. this is a light blue color that has like a mint green undertone. it reminds me a lot of Essie's Mint candy apple ..

After my base color has dried, I painted my tips white so they look like the clouds =)
I didn't use any special tools to do that just the regular brush that came with the nail polish.

At this point I started to drag the lines with the colors of the rainbow =) I started with the red line, then continued with the orange, yellow, green, light blue and dark blue ( those are the colors you'll need).
 I used detail brush but it would be a lot more easier if you had nail art striper.

 continue adding other line under the previous until you don't use all of the colors...

Make sure to continue the line from the first nail to another, that way you'll get the design that looks like the rainbow, at the end =)

And this is the final look without top coat :

After my design has dried I added O.P.I 's Mat top coat ... and that's it =)

The polishes I used :

Catrice - Am I a blue or green? 
Essie -   Blanc 
O.P.I -    The spy who loved me , Where did Suzi's man-go?   and Matte top coat
Maybelline colorama- number 749 
Flormar supershine - green color that has no name or number
Kiko - number 339
Catrice - Shopping day at bluemingdales 

 I hope you liked this design and that you'll try it yourself =)

Fell free to leave a comment  and give me some suggestions and advice so I can improve my posts in the future ...

thank you for reading :*

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