Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sailor's (summer) nail art

Hi guys, hope you're doing great. Today I have to show you a super fun, summer nail art that I've done few days ago.

I think these kind of manicures are really suitable and popular for this time of year so I said to myself why not, I have to do it too =)

 It's a sailor kinda manicure for which I've used born pretty store water decals.

You can find them here : only $1,99 =))
right hand
left hand

You can see how the accent nails are different, let me tell you why.
At first my idea was completely different. I wanted to use blue,white, red and gold polishes and do like a stripes with those colors and then put the decals on top.. but this particular decals does not work good over any darker base.

These are the decals. First of all I want to say they're absolutely gorgeous. They came in a pretty small package so they are enough for like 2 manicures. And on the back you can find how to use them. Although that's really easy to use.

Now let me show you my "problem" and why I had to change my nail art idea.

As you can see the decals don't stand out on the darker base and they loose their purpose :/
I didn't wanted to take that off so I used my detail brush and I filled out the images

So I ended up using a white base and blue franch  tip, and I think it looks pretty good.

OVERALL : The decals are pretty good quality, really easy to use and they are beautiful. Just keep in mind (if you decide to buy them) to layer them over white or some similar lighter base so they can stand out and be beautiful =)

Don't forget to use a code to get 10%off your order ;)))

Don't forget to use a code to get 10%off your order ;)))


  1. These are gorgeous!!! I love them :)

    1. Awww thank you so much dear :*
      Means a world to me <3

  2. Wow. I just had the time to read your blog post. Again....your mani is amazing, really! (good job adding the yellow yourself- I didn't see any difference)
    I have to tell you, again, that I LOVE your nail shape. It's simply gorgeous.
    I don't know if you noticed...but the decals packaging matches you blog design (with the pink vertical stripes) :D
    So cute!

    1. Awwww thank you so much for all your compliments ..they means a lot expecially coming from a nail artist and blogger like you...
      To be honest I didn't realized they match my blog design lol