Thursday, August 21, 2014

Little Mermaid inspired nail art

Hi guys I hope you're doing great. I just got back from a vacation and the first thing I had to do is, of course, a manicure lol.. and share it with you =)
The nail art that I'll be showing you today is LITTLE MERMAID nail art inspired by the Mermaid collection by Paint Shop Polish (PSP) that I reviewed not so long ago. If you've missed that one and want to check it out here is the LINK.
 Although this design is inspired by this collection, they're not the only polishes I've used. I'll list all the polishes and tools that I used bellow =)

Here's what I did...

 As you can see I did an ombre on my thumb and index finger using O.P.I's "HE BLUE IT THIS TIME!" (I posted swatches of this one on my INSTAGRAM) , China Glaze FOR AUDREY (yet to be swatched) and O.P.I's DON'T BOSSA NOVA ME AROUND (review here). I done the starfishes with a doting tool and then I toped the thumb with SEAWEED GARDENS by PSP from their mermaid collection and index with MERMAID'S GOLD. They gave the most amazing shine and perleascent effect.

On the middle finger I decided to do some seaweed in the sea lol  .. as a base I've used O.P.I's "HE BLUE IT THIS TIME!" again, and then I painted the seaweed with nail striper using gorgeous sparkling green polish by Northern Star called SPARKLING SEAWEED. This polish actually was the inspiration for this finger and I also did a review on it that you can check out HERE! At the end I topped it with UNDER THE SEA by PSP (from mermaid collection).

On the ring finger I've done little mermaid's bikini top and just the top of her tail. As a base I used O.P.I's DON'T BOSSA NOVA ME AROUND. For the bikini top I've used Lilacism by Essie , A GRAPE FIT! by O.P.I an SIREN SONG by PSP and a nail striper. For the tail I used the perfect mermaid tail color - FISHTAIL by PSP.

And last but not the least is my pinky finger =) I was inspired by the Ariel's (little mermaid's) hair so I just painted it red! But not just any red, it's sparkling red by Northern Star called BURNING EMBERS ( read a full review HERE)

more pictures =)) ...

Sparkling in the sun
polishes from the Mermaid collection that I used for this design

 And that's it guys =) I hope you've enjoyed reading and watching my design as much as I've enjoyed doing it :*

Till the next time xoxo 


  1. Such a cute nail art design - can't think of a better combination than nail art and The Little Mermaid! I'd love it if you'd check out my latest nail art design and comment back? x

  2. Vidjeh na instagramu, predobro je :)

    1. Aww hvala ti puno :) i meni se baš nekako sviđa rezultat 😍😚