Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review of XF 1388 Water Decals from Born Pretty Store and O.P.I A Grape Fit!

Hello my nail lovers =) Are you enjoying the sun? I am :D
Today I'll be sharing with you my experience with these water decals that I got from
 Born Pretty Store to review!

picture is from BPS site

The decals are beautiful, really artistic and the colors are perfect.
Let me show you what I did with them before I start the actual review ;)

First issue that I had with these is the size!
I used 2 of the biggest ones (circled red on the photo bellow) for these nails, so no way I could do all of my nails with them, since there's just 10 decals.
Oh yeah and you have to cut them , but that's not really a problem for me!

Second issue for me was the application. I think that's because I didn't apply coat of polish, I just applied them on my natural nail, so it was really hard to keep decal stuck on the nail.
So I would suggested you to put coat of polish first, that will also prolong the wearing.

Third issue - when I applied top coat the edges of the decals started to bend and shrink.
I don't know why that happened, I always use the same top coat
Essie's Good to Go so... :/

 You can see on the photos bellow the white marks where the decal bent.

And now let me tell you about this gorgeous light purple cream polish that I pared with these decals!
It's called A Grape Fit! by O.P.I. 
I've bought it last year for like 70% off :D
The formula on this one is creamy perfection!
 Fully opaque in 2 easy coats and applies like heaven. One of the prettiest purple polish I've ever tried <3 

 Overall the decals are decent quality and you can make them work, but on the other hand Born Pretty Store has many more that are much better. I reviewed few of them before so you can take a look if you're interested!
 ps They're retails for $1,59 and you can get them HERE

Thank you for reading =)
I hope you liked my post and found it interesting!

Till the next post :* :*

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  1. Hey Best designs i have ever seen Thankq so much gonna try them today