Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Goodbye Fall 2014. design!

Hello my friends, how are you doing? Today I'll show you last fall design that I did for this year. The temperature is getting lower everyday and snow is just about to come (in my country at least), so it's about time to say goodbye to fall and leaves and say hallo to snowflakes, snow and Christmas :D
What's the best way to say goodbye to fall then to do a nail art ;)) 

For this design I've used:

China Glaze - Dare To Be Bare 
O.P.I - Goldeneye  
Water decals from Moon Sugar Decals 
Essie - Good To Go top coat

First I've applied 2 coats of Dare To Be Bare, I waited for that to dry a little and then I put Goldeneye on the tips. For the best effect wipe almost all the polish from the brush and then apply small amount little above the center of your nail! Apply more polish on the tips so you get gradient glitter effect!

DARE TO BE BARE by China Glaze is a perfect milky color that I've been searching for a while now. I used 2 thin coats in the photos above! I think it can reach full opacity with 3 coats. 
It's perfect for french manicures or for the natural clean look! I love it!!


After my base dried out completely I applied water decals from Moon Sugar Decals.
They have over 150 different types of decals to chose from!
This ones retails for $3,99 for the whole sheet, shipping is free in the US and $2.99 for the rest of the world! 
You can check it out HERE!  

Autumn fall decals are perfect in shape and colors! As for any other water decals, you have to cut the desired image, put it into the water (room temperature) and wait for about 10-20 seconds until the image starts to separate from the white paper base!
Then you transfer it on the nail and, for this ones, you have to press and hold for a while. I've noticed that the best thing to do that is to take a peace of paper towel and press with that for about 30 seconds! 
After that, apply your favorite top coat and that's it! Perfect mani is done!!

They kinda look like real small leaves :D

 This was my goodbye from the fall 2014. 
I hope you liked the design and you'll try it someday :D

Thank you for reading, don't forget to find me on

 till the next time xoxo


  1. Very pretty--such a nice tribute to autumn!

  2. Such a fun post. Loved your mani...Wish i could do half as good.
    Do check our blog www.icynosure.in.
    Lets follow each other via G+/GFC/Bloglovin.

  3. mnogo lepo izgleda..
    ps..ja ne znam kako ali izgleda da sam te pratila samo na G+ ali ovo dodala sam te na GFC
    osma sam, pa ako hoces mozemo medjusobno da se pratimo
    veliki pozz

    1. Ja sam tek neki dan stavila GFC badge na blog jer nisam znala di se nalazi- malo su ga prikrili :D
      Naravno :* super su mi tvoji swatchevi i manikure